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 “Our Mission Statement and Goal is to capture happy and natural expressions of your pupils school life that serve as a lifetime record. To be the leaders in innovative and natural photography with unparalleled service and value.” – Arts Photography

We are excited to have you as part of our team! We believe you can contribute to the achievement of the goals of this company while also progressing in your career.

The primary goal at Arts Photography, and yours now, is to live our Mission Statement and continue to be an industry leader. We achieve this through dedicated hard work, commitment, and attention to detail, from every employee and freelancer.

It is the desire of the Art Photography management to have every member on board succeed in their career, and assist in achieving our goals. As part of the team, not only must you “own” the results of your work and quality, but you will discover that you will be challenged to pursue excellence which will become a truly rewarding aspect of your career.

Arts Photography is committed to distinctive quality and unequalled customer service in all aspects of our business.

The success of Arts Photography is determined by our efficiency in operating as a team and your ability to be part of this team.

We have to earn the trust and respect of our customers every day in an already very competitive and ‘hard-to-get-in’ market, in order that the customers make the decision to choose our services.

Our success is guaranteed by creative, productive employees and freelance photographers who are empowered to push through performance goals and be efficient with problem-solving.

This Procedure and Training Manual contains the key policies, goals, benefits, and expectations of Arts Photography; and other information you will need as part of our team.

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