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Let Us Answer Some of Your Most Commonly Asked Questions.

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking you can check our Availability Calendar HERE, or call us on 013 827 20 20 and speak to one of our team to find a convenient booking date. Alternatively you may also email us at contact@artsphotography.co.uk to start your conversation.

What happens once we make a booking?

Once you’ve made your booking, you will have your own private log in area created on our website for you to access with up to date information. You will also receive a full booking pack by email with instructions.

We've been with our current photographer for years, I'm concerned about change, should I be?

We recognize that change can be difficult. After all, sometimes its better the devil you know. But we guarantee that you and your parents will be thrilled with the quality and service of what we offer. We stand by our promise of being Innovative, Creative and Different. You won’t be disappointed and will never look back!

How long does it take to capture our Individual Portraits?

We are ultra efficient and can provide up to 4 studios to ensure minimum disruption and maximum efficiency on your photo day.

How many studios are you able to supply?

We are able to supply up to 4 studios simultaneously and have photographed over 2,000 pupils in a normal school day.

Are you CRB and DBS checked?

Yes all our photographers and team members have fully up to date and comprehensive CRB licences and their DBS. You can view our full list of policies here 

Do we get Staff Portraits?

We are able to provide a variety of Staff Portrait finishes for your display purposes from mounted prints, to acrylic displays and staff  ‘hotboards’.

How much commission will our school receive?

We have an extremely competitive commission system to help your school generate maximum funds. Call us on 0113 827 20 20 to discuss how we can help.

How do I supply Pupil Data?

Pupil data can either be emailed to us in a simple spreadsheet or uploaded through your private online login area through Arts Photography Webarchive.

How much space does each studio require?

Each studio space requires approx 100 sq ft. Our white studio backgrounds are 9ft across and are rolled out around 9ft.

What is your turnaround time for Photos?

We have a guaranteed turnaround time of just 3 days. Once the photos have been taken, these are edited and uploaded on our secure webarchive where you will have access to SIMS and images. All images are uploaded within that time frame and ready to be viewed and shared with parents.

How do Parents order?

Arts Photography have an excellent, safe and secure online order system which makes it easy for parents to order online and reduces some of the admin time for school.

Once the images are online, an automatic email is sent out to all parents who have Pre-registered with their Access Codes and login details to securely and safely view and order their child’s images online.

How does Pre-registration work?

All parents will now need to pre-register before we attend to access their children’s photos. Once the school provides the pupil data, we provide you with a Pre-registration code to give to your parents so when they log into pre-register they will select their child’s class from a list rather than entering it themselves (negating any errors in data).

Once this information is then uploaded we will be able to merge the data inputted by parents with your correct data, to form a complete list, ensuring everybody is photographed, we will then send you a list of all pupils who’s parents have not entered contact details for you to pass onto them when requested.

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