Logo Design

Logo Design

Everything changes, and life moves quickly. 

Invariably, as your school evolves too, you may need to modernise or update your school logo.  

We know what a big undertaking and responsibility this is.  

After all, your logo is your schools face. 

Sometimes an old logo is no longer the right match for your schools most recent values and ethos, and a long overdue overhaul is required. 

That’s where Arts Photography come in. 

Our team of in house caring and professional designers work with you to carefully craft a winning new logo that speaks to the heart of where and who your school is now. 

Previous projects have involved getting the children’s feedback on what colours, shapes and styles should be used to reflect your schools best image. 

We use this intelligence to form a design brief which we use to create your new school  logo  

With unlimited revisions and working closely with you we guarantee you will be proud of your schools new identity. 

Get in touch with us below to find out more about our logo design services. 

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