For years school photography has been stilted, stale, rigid and stuck  in time. The industry , whilst it’s beginning to shift still hasn’t caught up with the times. We have. We do it better. We are Innovative, Creative, Different. And we want to share it with you and your parents.

We want to be able to create truly outstanding photographs for you and your school to serve as precious memories for years to come.

Whether its group photographs or individual portraits, a leavers portrait or your annual school prom, you can trust Arts Photography to deliver every time. No fail. No excuses. We’ll make your life a breeze, guaranteed.

We are proud of the working systems it has taken us years to hone and refine enabling us to be a company of our word, whilst removing the work from you and still delivering outstanding results.

To be able to proudly support schools around the UK in delivering the promise we seek to stand by and fulfill is our mission. It’s time for you to take your school photography to the next level. And we look forward to supporting you in achieving this every step of the way.

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