Crank up the Fun with Photo Parties

It's Time to Party!!

Could there be a better way to remember a party than with quality, artistic photographs? Yes!  When your event is hosted in Arts Photography’s 5000 ft² studio with our Photo Parties team, the photographs are the party.

A photo party is the perfect accompaniment to your birthday, anniversary, graduation, bridal/baby shower, reunion, holiday, rehearsal, christening, hen party, stag do, engagement, retirement, and bachelor party or bachelorette event. The exclusive products made from your captured memories make great gifts, and can even serve as party favors for your guests.

Many Arts Photography clients choose a theme for their photo party. Disney princesses, rock stars, favourite movie characters, a specific time period, and glamour are just a few ideas. You and your guests can choose to be supermodels for the day, glammed up and accessorised by our makeover team, or can be photographed in all the glory of your genuine selves. Children and adults are welcome. Even pets can get in on the action – Fido can bring a few of his closest canine friends for a fab photo shoot!

Photographs are at the center of our photo parties, but there’s much more you can do to make it your own. Hire a limousine to deliver you to our studio, order a cake or some party snacks and drinks to help you celebrate, exchange gifts, make special announcements… while we capture it all in our stunning photography. You can even make the party a surprise for a special guest of honour.

Memories are made at parties, so why not put the preservation of them at the heart of yours? When you select Arts Photography to host your photo party, you’ll end the day knowing that you made the best choice for your precious memories.

Some restrictions apply. Contact us with your party idea.

For more information or to enquire about holding a photo party with Arts Photography, Call us now on 0113 827 2020 or contact Arts Photography here >