Pet Photography by Professional Pet Photographers

In Rodley Leeds, we love our pets – and we love yours, too!

Our professional pet portrait photographers at Arts Photography do more than capture human faces. They also welcome the rest of your family to join in the fun. No matter if you want to dedicate the camera solely to your best pet, make it a species cocktail by inviting other animal friends, or include your pet(s) in the human family photo, we’ve got a place for your furry, scaly, or feathered friend(s).


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It can be easy to forget just how much our pets mean to us. Our busy lives roar on. We don’t always throw the ball or scratch bellies as often as we should. But our pets are always there. Their affection and loyalty is unwavering. That’s why pet photography portraits and action shots mean so much.

With a bespoke piece of contemporary pet photography art that showcases those big brown eyes, that signature inquisitive expression, or the mischief that makes us laugh, we’re quickly reminded just how much we’re needed…and just how much we need our pets. Our pet portrait photographers don’t simply position pets and snap generic shots. Instead, they take the time to get to know your pet with lively and affectionate interaction


Professional Pet Portrait

Whether your pet is mischievous or snuggly, watchful or sleepy, tough guy or lover, our pet portrait photographers will tap into those unique qualities and ensure that each trait is evident in every pet photograph.


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