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Here at Arts Photography, we understand that building your child’s modelling portfolio can cost thousands of pounds, and for that reason, many beautiful young faces go undiscovered. We have found a solution to that problem with our fantastic arts models programme.

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If you've ever registered your child with a model agency before, you'll probably know that their experience doesn't really lie in creating stunning photography. After all, thats not their speciality. It's ours.

That's why when you choose Arts Photography you can rest assured your budding model will be made to look every bit the star they deserve to be. We guarnatee to make them look stunning! 

Arts Photography Portrait  Studio

Join is in one of the North of Englands finest and largest studio facilities. Complete with multi set backgrounds, staircases, donut holes, and state of the art lighting and equipment, you will only recieve the finest service, quality and value when you choose Arts Photogrpahy to create your childs modelling portfolio.

Enjoy a fun packed professional studio session with one of our expert firnedly and talented photographers.

You'll also enjoy a same day viewing in our stunning cinema viewing suite. Sit back and be amazed at the beautiful images we have created for you.

There is an overwhelming demand among model hopefuls for this expert service. Therefore, you may experience a 4 to 5 week wait for a sitting.

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Depending upon our photographers’ availability, we’ll either schedule your child’s free sitting or place him/her on our waiting list. Immediate reservations are very limited, but the opportunities that can come with the service are boundless.


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