Arts Models Shoot with Joseph aged 14

Last week was half term. While many of you will have been enjoying a well deserved break, it was, as ever lights camera and action at Arts Photography Headquarters!

We wanted to share with you today some of the images from a modelling session 

Below are some images from Jospeh, aged 14 shoot.

Mum had always want to get Joseph started in modelling.

 Arts Models Modeling ShotA Nice three quarter length shot to start the shoot off. Agencies often want to see how a model holds themselves in terms of their overall physiology and poise. Here Jospeh is relaxed yet confident in front of camera









Arts Models Close UpThis is a lovely close up heashot of Jospeh looking thoughtful. This has been shot using a grey background and with a spotlight whihc gives quite a dramatic and theatrical feel to the image








Arts Models Photography Close Up 2Here we see Joseph showing his versatility in a more Urban style shot. Wearing a hoody, this is often a shot used in magazeins to draw attention to a piece of clohing or jewellery. A special type of lightin is used to increase shadows. This can be very much used to shape the models face in a certain way to give a specific feel or look.







Arts Models Close Up 2Finally we see Joseph in a smart shirt and looking very dapper! This shot has purposely left a lot of space to the left. This is know in portraiture as a 'dynamic crop' and helps to draw the eye to the subject. Used correctly in can eitther make the model look powerful or vlulnerable. Some back shadow has been create here to give the image a dramatic and iconic feel.

Overall, over 250 images were taken at Josephs shoot.

The family were able to view and select their images in the cinema viewing straight after the shoot, as our images are taken with built in wi fi to allow insant viewings.

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