John Age 3!

An Arts Models Session with Jon, Aged 3

This Model Session was shot over a year ago, but we wanted to share it with you as it shows how confidnet and glowing children with no experince of modeling can be.

This shoot was for John, aged just 3 from Sheffield.

John has a very distinctive look and took direction brilliantly.

Being able to take direction and work with a photogrpaher is critically important when being hired by a client.

Heres some of the shots taken at Johns shoot

John Arts Models


A fun running shot towards camera showing fun, energy and character








John2 Arts Models  

A happy and relaxed lying down pose! Still beaming!







John3 Arts Models


Now shot on a stunning black background with a classic spotlight, and a nice knitwear outfit, John shows how confident and relaxed he is in front of camera, Could be a knitwear ad, right?






John4 Arts Models 

Finally, this is John striking a classic model pose. Still smiling! We've used a coloured gel on the background to match the colour of his t shirt.

We can also add coloured gels to compliment hair colour, skin tone or even eye colour.




 Throughout these shots, this little man was a superstar and one of the most confident and happy 3 year olds we have ever seen at the studio.

Ultimately companies hire models to help thier products sell, and models are able to convey a certain mood or feel to a product.

Does your child have what it takes to be a model like John?

Give us a call at the studio on 0113 827 20 20 for more info or if you havent already, sign up for free HERE

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